Electric drive for hybrid and electric vehicles

The advantages of an electric drive for hybrid and electric cars are clear: torque from a standstill, higher efficiency and fewer emissions than combustion engines.
The challenges start with real-life use: How can you use the available installation space the most effectively? Can the drive components tolerate the rough environment and the critical driving conditions? How can a low-priced electric drive be realized for series production? What e-drive achieves an optimum battery range?

As development partners, the VECTOPOWER engineers find answers to these questions. Industry-proven drive technology and extensive experience with electric mobility applications are the basis for this.

Compact drive system

The VECTOPOWER traction drive consists of the precisely coordinated components inverter and electric motor. 
VECTOPOWER electric motors are characterized by high power density and are exactly matched to the available installation space in the hybrid or electric car. The following motor variants are available:

  • PM synchronous motor using reluctance torque
  • New high-efficiency asynchronous motor

The VECTOPOWER inverter has an extremely high power density: 250 kW of power with a volume of only 10 l. The high power density and the compact dimensions save space in the vehicle – which can then be used for more batteries, for example. Furthermore, the VECTPOWER drive system reliably manages battery voltages up to 720 V DC. A 4-quadrant operation is also possible.

Higher battery range due to high efficiency

The VECTOPOWER e-drive takes advantage of interactions in the system and thereby achieves a very high efficiency. This saves energy particularly in the partial load operational range, which occurs in stop-and-go traffic, for example, and is important for consumption. The high efficiency allows longer ranges or the use of smaller and thus lower-priced batteries.

Industry-proven drive components

VECTOPOWER inverters and electric motors come from proven experts for electric drives. Together, these companies have experience with more than 200,000 delivered components for use in aircraft, test benches, machine tools, etc. All this experience can be seen in the VECTOPOWER electric drive and gives the product a high industrial maturity.


The main benefits of VECTOPOWER in a flyer.