2015: ARADEX purchases new building and land

ARADEX purchased a neighbouring building with a surface area of 1000m². This building, which won many architectural prizes when it was first built, will be linked to the other ARADEX buildings and will be used for stockroom and goods receiving, thus freeing up valuable space in the other ARADEX buildings for hardware development and project teams.

2014 – end 2015: ARADEX places emphasis on expansion

In the past two years ARADEX has seen a 15% increase in employee numbers. This was necessary to ensure the continuing success in drive technology. However, we are still hiring highly qualified personnel in several departments in order to be able to offer our customers the best possible service in the future.

2012: First fully electric bus ready for mass production

The Sileo bus has a range of over 200 km with a total efficiency of over 90%. The drive consists of two redundant trains that are operated wholly independently of one another. The inverter is the VECTOPOWER VP600 from ARADEX. This compact unit coaxes maximum power from the two asynchronous motors. The complete Sileo drive has 2x120 kW peak power and can thus master any situation.

2011: Diesel-electric ship propulsion system with ARADEX technology

ARADEX supplies the electric drives and the power management for converting an inland cargo ship. The result is 25% lower consumption and ideal exhaust gas values due to the optimum efficiency and the modular drive concept.

2009: ARADEX receives the "Innovationspreis Ostwürttemberg"

(Innovation Prize of Eastern Württemberg) The award-winning patent makes it possible to determine important process variables directly from the machine drive characteristics without additional sensors, in machining processes such as turning, drilling, milling, grinding etc.

2009: The VECTOPOWER traction drive is introduced

The VECTOPOWER electric vehicle drive is a precisely coordinated system of inverter and electric motor with strong performance data. The motor partner is ATE Antriebstechnik und Entwicklungs GmbH.

2008: Dedication of the ARADEX center for customer communication and user training

The new communication center allows even more specific and successful support of customers and projects. In this way, ARADEX can assist customers with customer-specific developments and engineering services during a project.

2007: ARADEX strengthens customer-specific development for special projects

The electromechanical tool clamping system "Clamp-by-Wire", for example, was originally regarded as technically unfeasible. Together with MAPAL, however, ARADEX developed an industrial product based on this idea.

2006: ARADEX introduces drives in the megawatt range

The VD1000 series supplements the proven drive range VD600. The megawatt drives offer full power up to 5 MW for applications such as servo presses.

2006: World record in machining

The customer-specific development of a drive amplifier for spindle drives sets a new world record with a metal removing rate of 13.6 l/min aluminum in tests at the Institute for Production Management, Technology and Machine Tools in Darmstadt, Germany

2004: ARADEX receives the Innovation Prize of Eastern Württemberg

ARADEX AG is awarded the prize in the category of ”Patents" for patent 100 36 989, for the compensation of drive errors in web-processing machines. This allows a resource-saving production.

2003: Real-time control system based on Linux

The V8 system uses all the advantages of the open-source product. For example, the open structure of the system guarantees great future stability – the ideal basis for flexible customer-specific developments.

2002: Outsourcing of production

In 2001, ARADEX starts to outsource production to manufacturing partners in southern Germany, in order to concentrate on the core areas of application and development. As a result, ARADEX specialists are able to concentrate on solving greater challenges with electrical drive technology even better than before.

2001: ARADEX develops sensorless control

The first industrial application is the sensorless control of a machine with more than 500 ARADEX amplifiers by only one VECTONUM® control.

1999: VECTODRIVE® sets standard

The first drive amplifier of the VD600 series achieves a new record for kilowatt per volume ratio.

1996: Dedication of the ARA2 building extension

Increasing numbers of customers and orders require an extension of the previous capacities

1995: Development of the VECTONUM® NT control

The VECTONUM® control uses Windows NT® as an operating system. The range of applications is expanded to include the areas of sheet metal forming, print finishing and machine tools.

1994: ARADEX equips the first flexographic printing press with digital direct drives

The ARADEX drives effortlessly master special challenges such as strong and erratic torque loads, mechanical tolerances and vibration tendency.

1993: ARADEX receives the innovation prize of the state of Baden-Württemberg

The prize is awarded for the success of the combined control and drive technology of VECTONUM® und VECTODRIVE®.

1991: ARADEX develops the VECTODRIVE® drive amplifier

A new generation of drive amplifiers arises: VECTODRIVE® is characterized by very short rise times and deterministic behavior.

1990: The VECTONUM® control enters serial production

This high-quality CNC control on a purely PC basis has achieved the title of ”fastest general CNC control in the world". It has only been topped by its ARADEX successors. In 1990, VECTONUM® already achieves a cycle time of 1 ms.

1989: The year ARADEX is founded

ARADEX develops the first VECTONUM® control in a small building annex. In 1991, ARADEX moves into the ARA1 building in the industrial zone of Lorch, Germany.